Why Choose an Academic Venue?

The initial stages of planning your next conference can be exciting, overwhelming or repetitive; going through the same motions of researching a new city and pricing up a hotel option. But why not try something different? Something that offers multiple meeting spaces, first-class, high volume catering and state of the art technology.

Academic venues can provide all of this, and with most cities having at least one, it could well be the perfect solution to your venue needs. Here are our top reasons a university is the ideal setting for your next event or conference:

Space Options

Choosing the right space for your event is key. If the room is too small and your delegates are packed in like sardines, fighting for a seat, it will not create a good impression of your organisation. Equally, an event could be dwarfed by the room if you have 20 attendees in a space intended for 300.

A university will combat this, as it is essentially multiple venues in one compact setting. Whether you need a large lecture theatre, or a smaller main plenary space with lots of nearby breakout rooms for networking sessions. Whatever the nature of your event, it will be found on a convenient university campus.

State of the Art Technology

Lecture theatres and classrooms are fully equipped with state of the art audio-visual technology and super-fast Wi-Fi. Touches such as this will help not only showcase your event but your organisation as being forward thinking and truly focussed on customer experience.

Industry Access

A university is an educational institution, packed with knowledge, expertise and resources. Hosting a conference within one will grant you access to with numerous assets to further your knowledge and research.

Catering for Many

Catering for a large number of delegates can be a challenge, and the costs can quickly mount up. Universities, however, cater for thousands of students and staff with varying dietary requirements on a daily basis, so know how to provide high quality, nutritious food on a strict budget, whatever your delegate numbers.

Facilities on Campus

A university campus is a place for students to live and as a result, has all of the amenities a delegate could need, all within close proximity. From supermarkets, to libraries, banks or bars, everything will be found within walking distance of the conference venue or accommodation.

Central Locations

If delegates want to explore the local area during gaps in the event schedule, most academic venues are located in the heart of the city, with excellent transport connections to popular visitor destinations.

Next time you are looking for a location to host an event, why not consider an academic venue? It will provide everything your event needs.